An acre of America

I’m slowly getting used to the possibility of living alone. I looked at a couple of flats and could picture myself coming home from work, and doing whatever I liked – play the violin, piano, computer games, cooking, read, watch telly, in the comfort of my own living room. Given enough impetus, I might actually get around to moving.

I met up with the usual suspects in the evening for a walk around Runnymede, to see the Magna Carta monument, the Air Force memorial and the JFK memorial – which sits in an acre of land given to the United States. It was good to have a chance just to chat and enjoy the countryside. The evening even had a moment of excitement as one of our party had become separated and so we spent a not so inconsiderable amount of time trying to find her! Thankfully she found us, although how we didn’t find her first is a mystery to me.

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