Code breaking

I seem to be spending a lot of time (and money!) in Italian restaurants recently! Last night was spent at a little Italian place in Ashford called “Volare”, to eat food and listen to a chap from Focus Radio explain what was wrong with the ‘facts’ portrayed in the Da Vinci Code. I’d already attended a seminar earlier in the month on this subject, but it was interesting to listen to a talk aimed more at non-Christians. With the facts of history laid bare, one could be in no doubt that the Da Vinci Code was nothing more than fiction.

With all this fuss about this book though, I may have to go and see the film to actually know what it says!

This evening was another spent learning the intricacies of the fiddle – complete with a sight read of an Irish folk melody. I think I need to spend time just practicing the things I have already learnt to allow things to ingrain themselves in my brain and so allow me to play the violin as naturally as I play the piano.

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