Too nice to spend indoors

A rather busy Saturday. Started off with a morning at the church stripping paint and generally tidying up in a rather warm 31°C sun!

Took a short breather to have a full English breakfast at the local greasy spoon, and then watched the England vs Paraguay football world cup match on the telly. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a great football fan, but there’s something different about the world cup and your country. In true English style, the England team made it a bit of a nail-biter with their play distinctly worse in the second-half from the first. Far too many opportunities given to Paraguay to score a goal.

The evening was spent wandering around Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park with Ally – alas, no one else wanted/could come out with us. Was cool though, with a very pleasant leisurely walk chatting and taking photos of flora and fauna. Much better than spending the whole evening indoors watching the telly.

Finished the day watching Lost in Translation, which was a fairly good film about a man and a woman who form a close friendship, but for various reasons cannot go any further. It was interesting to watch their circumstances and how their circumstances brought them together. It was also an interesting take on Japanese society as viewed from a very Western pair of eyes. Slightly longer than necessary, but worth watching.

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