Get out of the way….

I had one of my less impressive displays of maturity – or lack thereof – this morning driving to work. An elderly driver consistently remained in the right hand lane of a dual-carriageway, at a speed which was less than the speed-limit. For some reason I started talking to him, as though he could hear me. As I’m sure you’re aware, the highway code states you should always remain in the left hand lane unless overtaking, and I recited this to him in my momentary state of madness. However, after finally passing him at traffic lights, I realised I was acting irrationally and rebuked myself. (I really am going mad…) My sanity didn’t last long though, I started talking to another driver who also blocked the, now national speed limit, dual-carriageway in the right-hand lane doing 60 mph, reciting the relevant part of the highway code…

Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Paul (not Paul) says:

    Worrying Ger… May I suggest car-sharing as a solution? Someone to talk to, and stop you going nuts…

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