End of exams

I think my snooker might be back on track after a 4-1 frame win over David. I’ll have to see how I go against Ed now.

OK, it’s been a while since I’ve done any exams – possibly ten years…however, I spent the evening, with some of the usual suspects, at a celebratory end of exam barbeque at Sam and Susanna’s. The evening was pleasantly warm and dry, and the company was jovial and chatty. We seemed to spend most of the time recounting stories from summer camps we’d been on, mostly related to the toilets for some reason, and generally building up a sense of anticipation of the next month’s camp. The food wasn’t bad either, with Sam duly committing the burgers and sausages to the barbeque, with salad and other bits supplied by his dad and Susanna. A good evening spent with friends.

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