Wandered along to the Vue cinema in Staines this afternoon to see Cars. I’ve enjoyed Pixar‘s finely crafted works so far, so my expectations were high. As has become traditional, there was a short film before the main feature which, as a budding violinist, I watched with glee – a little treat, I shall say no more.

As the main film started, it became apparent that the imagery was going to be stunning – as always. It’s hard to believe it’s all generated within the confines of silicon – from the basic lighting, through to the very convincing physical modelling. Even more astounding is the stories they come up with. Despite the fact this film is suitable for children, the stories are quite mature in their thinking – Pixar’s films always have an underlying morality to them. So both children and adults come out happy. Not sure the teenagers in the audience appreciate it though – possibly too old for the brightly coloured animation, possibly too young to appreciate the slightly meatier themes in the story and not enough teenage iconography to capture their imagination/consumerism. A thoroughly enjoyable film from my point of view though.

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