Walking where he walked

Another trip to Wales for a week! This time for the annual EMW Aberystwyth conference. As always, the conference didn’t seem to be long enough – come Friday I wanted to stay just a little longer, to hear more of the word of God being preached, to spend more time with other Christians and to spend time chilling out. However, the theme of the week was walking as Jesus walked, to live a life of service before God according to his word. Not only in times of ease, but at all times – even in the real world, so a return to reality is necessary, rather than living in an isolated haven. From bearing our cross, to fulfilling our office, to weeping, through to persevering to the end. The challenge now is to live the life I am called to live, through the Spirit who enables me. Am I going to be the man who looked in a mirror and forgot what he saw?

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