Spent the morning wandering around Kew Gardens with Nige and some of the people he’d acquainted himself with on PBase. Even though I only live ten minutes down the road, and I’ve been to Kew itself to shop, I’ve never been to the Royal Botanic Gardens. After spending the morning there, I realised I needed more time and will have to go again one day (with a macro lens) to fully appreciate the gardens.

The afternoon was spent playing football at Lampton Park with some of the lads from church and some of their acquaintances. A good run around, as well as a good way to meet other people.

The day ended with a few of the usual suspects watching a couple of DVDs. Spiderman II and The Animatrix.

I must admit, I still think Spiderman II is a great film, with plenty of depth to the story and characters, as well as great action and special effects. None of the characters are stereotypical, with a hero who has failings, a villian who has good points and a heroine with a brain and some guts. Some of life’s difficult questions are beset upon the characters, with good and bad choices made by all which weave together into an well written story.

The Animatrix helps to fill in gaps in The Matrix universe. The whole concept of The Matrix is a very clever allegory of religious thought and practice, and the Animatrix continues to weave Judaeo-Christian biblical imagery, with more Eastern religious thought as well as modern philosophical thoughts on the human condition to produce an interesting fictional world.