As Jesus travelled to Jairus’ house, a woman with a debilitating condition sought healing. She’d seen many physicians, but none could help her, some had even made things worse. She heard about Jesus and sought him for healing believing he had the ability. She didn’t think herself to be worthy of his attention, seeking merely to tough him, after all he was off to heal a synagogue ruler’s daughter. She managed to touch Jesus’ cloak and was immediately healed. Not content with healing her discreetly, Jesus turned to her. Instead of leaving her with any misconceptions about her healing, he clarified what had happened. It was her faith in him which had healed her.

Much like this woman, all of us have a debilitating condition, that of a sinful nature. Like the woman, some of us realise we need healing and seek it in all manner of places. The remedies can range from carrying out rituals, making pilgrimages, attending services, doing good deeds, self-deprivation, etc. Much like the physicians the woman consulted, nothing we attempt can heal us, some might even make us worse. It is only if we turn and place our faith in Jesus Christ can we be healed. He will heal us just as we are, but healing means leaving us changed – his Spirit dwells in us and our old sinful nature no longer rules us, though it may still linger. It doesn’t matter how much faith we have, as long as our faith is in him, for it is Christ who heals us and not ourselves.

As the Israelites settled into the promised land, the tribes were allocated lands, excepts the Levites. The Levites were to be interspersed with the others, so that the priests were easily available to all of God’s people. In a similar way, God appoints ministers and missionaries to be set apart from secular endeavour to concentrate solely on the care of the people of God.

The Levites were provided for by God through the people, and so ministers and missionaries are to be provided for in the same way.

We are to remember that this appointment is by the God who is in control, and that even though the immediate picture may look bleak, God will accomplish his will, and will do what is necessary.