Well, I’m now living in a new home, both physically and virtually. Moving home is hard work, and that was just the virtual side of things! After significant help from Ally, David, Dave, Deanna, Jason, Nigel, Sarah and my brother and his wife, all my physical worldy possessions were packed and transported safely to my new abode. Some of it was even unpacked for me at the other end. After a few weeks of slowly unpacking everything, working out where things were, sorting out utilities and surviving Christmas (cards, presents, parties…arghhh), as well as carry on with life, I was finally ready to set aside some time to transplanting my blog. This wasn’t helped by Blueyonder terminating my account immediately!

After a little rummaging around, I found that WordPress was quite popular with bloggers, and had a Greymatter import facility! A few attempts later, I have a working blog again. Now all I need to do is tie up the loose ends and all will be well again. 🙂

If you find any errors in the imported blog entries, please let me know.