One of those crazy Saturdays! It was another very tiring afternoon playing football on a pitch with long grass. It’s amazing how a few inches extra causes so much more effort to be required. I guess the positive side is that I got a good amount of exercise!

In the evening, I went to a talk on how God justifiably demonstrates his wrath, a subject which deserves its own entry. Watch this space. 🙂

Finally saw The Illusionist, which tells the story of an illusionist who uses his talents to get the girl he loves. The story is based in Vienna during the time of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and tells most of its story through suggestion. Of course, this leaves you to try and piece together what is actually happening, as well as trying to sift out correct and incorrect conclusions. The film is very cleverly put together and not only shows the techniques of an illusionist being used on its characters, but uses those techniques on the audience. At the end, you go away with the idea that the good guy has won, but after a little thought you wonder if he really was the good guy. Worth watching if you’re looking for a piece of light entertainment, with plenty of impressively crafted scenes, both in terms of effects and in cinematography.