Well, once again, I’ve spent a whole week away from the computer. In Wales again! This time it was in Aberystwyth for the English speaking conference of the Evangelical Movement of Wales.

The main theme of the conference this year was on the Holy Spirit and his role in revival as well as the times of small things, causing Christians to spread the gospel, through word and deed, and causing non-believers to see their need for salvation, that they become believers.

In addition, there were addresses in the evening focussing on the gospel, reminding us that a sinful world needs the love of God by the saving power and work of Jesus Christ, if it is not to receive the just punishment for sin from a holy God.

There was also plenty of spare time, which was spent doing such things as bowls(!), sitting on Ynyslas beach, various seminars, as well as card and board games and general socialising and chilling out. Photos can be found in my online photo album.

A thoroughly enjoyable and instructive week, with ones spiritual and temporal batteries given a recharge.

Just a small footnote to wish Dave and Wendy a happy and blessed life together as they were married today.

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  1. Naomi says:

    What can I say Gerry, you da man! You’re a legend! We all love you xxx

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