I’m becoming used to these nice long Saturday morning lie-ins. I think it aligns well with my natural tendency to sleep. 🙂 Another cholesterol loaded breakfast of bacon, eggs and tomatoes, and then down to the park with Sam for some footy.

When we got there, we met up with the others – It was freezing! I think this was the general consensus! Once the game had started, things improved as the cold was less noticeable as we ran around a little more. The aim of this after noon was to improve our game playing as a team, with an emphasis on passing, marking and positioning. I think we did rather well, and the team which kept thinking about its strategy won out in the end.

A nice hot bath and a clean change of clothes later, we (and some of the girls) descended on Sarah’s house, for an interesting cooking competition. (Sarah’s idea, not mine!) The aim was to choose a recipe from a list of eight, purchase the ingredients, and then produce the final cooked product. In the interests of health, the recipe was a dessert. The group was divided into two teams, and the criteria would consist of time taken to purchase ingredients, budget considerations of ingrediants, time taken to get food into oven, presentation, texture, taste and cleanliness of resulting kitchen. The two teams chose their recipes and were off. After 2½ hours of slaving in the kitchen, the two teams had their creations ready for Sarah’s parents to judge. The team consisting of Dave, Deanna, Karen, Susanna and Tim was declared victorious, despite a little protestation. A fun evening, and interesting insight into the culinary skills of the participants. Maybe the next challenge will be a little greater…

A good day. 🙂