It’s been one of those weeks which just hasn’t stopped! The only prevailing memory from my violin lesson on Tuesday was learning to play Chanson de Matin, by Elgar. It starts in third position, which is bad enough, but later one of the notes is the fourth E above Middle-C! When I first saw it on the page, I had to stare for a while, count the ledger lines and then work out what I was going to do to play it. It’s so high that you’re really just relying on harmonics in order to ensure you’re in tune. Saying that, I’ve heard the piece played by competent violinists and it sounds beautiful, there’s something quintessentially English about it, very much cucumber sandwiches and afternoon tea. Hopefully, with a lot of practise, I’ll be able to do it justice.

Wednesday evening was spent at Vic and Barb’s to catch up on their latest travels and merely to share friendship and fellowship. A nice relaxing evening.

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