Easter bank holiday Monday! No work, and no usual routine! Thorpe Park here we come! A small band of us (20 I think) descended on this theme park, to enjoy the sunshine, the rides and each other’s company. I’m not sure which of the rides I sampled was my favorite. My sample was reduced in size due to a bruised thigh, which meant I couldn’t bend my leg properly and so was unable to sit comfortably in any ride which involved a car. The only car ride I tried was Stealth, but decided the pain involved was more than the ride was worth afterwards.

Of more amusement (rather than direct adrenaline laced fear), was the various responses made by my companions to the rides. Ranging from the usual screams, to more rigid fear.

The day even gave us all the opportunity to catch up with each other and share the time together.

To top it all off, the weather was perfect, clear and sunny, but not too hot. A little sunburn was sustained by some, but it didn’t diminish the fun.