She ate the whole jar

Seeing as there was no youth club to run this week, I thought I’d take advantage of my free Friday evening to go and visit my parents and my sister. It was good to see everyone again, albeit briefly! I helped my nephew construct his new wardrobe, and fed my niece. I was surprised at how large she’s become in such a short time! She’d happily munched through the whole jar of baby food I was feeding her. The afternoon was spent chatting with my parents and then I was back in London by the evening.

The evening was spent at Feltham Evangelical church to listen to a talk on Heaven. As Christians we so easily forget we’re on a journey, that this world is merely a transitory stage as we head toward ultimate reality in eternity. The speaker likened it to a man sitting in a airport departure lounge, who forgets that he’s heading towards a destination and instead starts to wallpaper the lounge, get out his comfy slippers and set up home. How foolish of the man to replace the his original destination with the lounge. Of course, in order to be lined up for heaven, we need to be right with God, for eternal life is to know God. Since we are al sinners by nature, we cannot know God of our own attempts, but Christ offers us forgiveness and his righteousness, that we may know God. This can only be obtained through faith and not through anything we do ourselves. Much like stepping onto an aeroplane, trusting it will take us to our desired destination, we must trust in Jesus Christ to take us to heaven. This faith need only be as small, but it must only be in him, and not in anything else. An interesting and encouraging talk.

The evening finished off with some of us chilling and playing games. A good day. 🙂

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