I think my knee is almost back to normal now! This evening I managed to run around the football pitch for the usual time rather than hobbling. We won and I even managed to score a few goals.

The rest of the evening was spent round Sarah’s watching The Truman Show on DVD. Alas, this is one of those films which has been eclipsed by events, both in filmmaking and in reality. The whole idea of determining whether we’re living in a make-believe world has always been a philosophical question. Questioning the very nature of reality. The Truman Show is a modern day take on Shakespeare’s famous scene from As you Like It, and places the main character Truman Burbank in a reality TV show, except he doesn’t realise he’s in the show but accepts the show as reality. In 1998, the idea of presenting such a TV show as reality was a novelty. However a year later, The Matrix would soon show a darker, more intricate take on the ‘fiction presented as reality’ film, and television has almost fulfilled the prophetic message of The Truman Show in such ghastly programmes as Big Brother and the plethora of other reality TV shows. Saying that, The Truman Show is still a good film, and raises a lot of questions. The conversation after the film was interesting, with some differing philosophical views expressed. Will the truth really set you free?

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