May showers

It would appear that April and May have been swapped! Whilst April was remarkably warm and dry, May (so far) has turned out to be wet and ever so slightly chilly!

However, this didn’t stop us playing football this afternoon. As we made our way to the park, the rain was lashing down, but once we’d arrived and started, the rain had stopped, and by the time the whistle was blown, it was bright and sunny. The sunny spell only lasted a few minutes though and the clouds loomed once more. A good runaround though, with a few goals scored by almost everyone.

The evening was spent at Feltham Evangelical Church for a talk given by Brian Allenby, of Christians at Work, on Christians at work(!) Given that we spend most of our waking life at work, and that we are to glorify God in all that we do, then how we spend our time at work is important. An interesting and encouraging reminder to Christians of the benefits of their salvation, and with that in mind that they can glorify God in their line of work.

The remainder of the evening was spent at Sarah’s, chilling and chatting about issues ranging from the emerging church movement, through to experiences of youth camps!

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