Mrs Peacock, in the library, with the candlestick

I always wonder about people who approach you in the street trying to get your attention for something. I always wonder if they’re after money. As I stood in Slough high street waiting for Ally this afternoon, this chap came up to me and asked if I could spare a moment. Not knowing how long I had before she’d appear, I attempted to decline, but he didn’t give up. I eventually caved-in, and after a little explanation, it would appear he was after my details for Oxfam in order to remind the G8 of their promise to cancel the debt of a number of developing countries. For my troubles, I received a badge and a leaflet, and he was on to his next passer-by. Oddly, when Ally turned up, a woman came up to us, who was also from Oxfam, and tried to persuade us both to divulge some details. When I said I’d already been got, she wouldn’t believe me until I revealed my badge! I did wonder what the whole purpose of the exercise was, but then I suppose any effort to raise the profile of the plight of those in the developing world is probably a good thing.

After trudging around the shops and grabbing some food, a few of us congregated for a game of Cluedo. I must admit, I hadn’t played in ages and needed a few reminders! After a short while I thought I was getting the hang of it, and decided to make an accusation. It would seem my logic was impeccable, but my character judgement failed me – someone had cheated and withheld information leading to garbage in, garbage out. Ah well, was fun none the less. 🙂

The evening was finished with a game of Perudo, where Dave and Deanna succeeded in adding chaos to the mix!

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