Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

We had our first quasi-match as HWEC football team, versus this afternoon! There were enough people from the church, and enough of an opposition to pretty much play as a team. We didn’t do too badly either – 4-3 in our favour was the eventual result.

In the evening the usual suspects went to Nige and Karen’s to watch The Pursuit of Happyness on DVD, which is based on the life of Chris Gardner. As a film, it was very well-made, with some great acting portraying the drama of the daily grind of existence and trying to make a living, and the effort involved in improving ones circumstances. As with most film adaptations, there are a few artistic liberties taken, but a mildly interesting story none the less. The thing is, whilst it is mildly interesting, it only really shows a brief slightly rosy tinted glimpse of a more complex story. I’m also not sure it’s a story worth telling. I wasn’t even sure by the end of the film that the intended goal was achieved. Whilst the plan succeeded, was the plan correct?

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