What a glorious feeling…

This Saturday was the annual day trip to Littlehampton. Of all the years I’d been, it has never rained. Today was to be a new experience! I guess the signs were for a wet Saturday as the whole of the previous week had been peppered with showers and downpours. As such, I took my umbrella and fleece thinking I’d be prepared for the worst.

It would appear I’d underestimated. On arrival, it started to rain. Up went the brolly, as my legs got damper by the moment – good job I was wearing shorts. Some of the young people had decided they wouldn’t let the rain dampen their day, so got into their swimming gear and were frolicking in the sea, until they started to freeze. Even spectating from land, I was getting wetter and wetter. It would appear that the water would run down my leg, be absorbed by my sock which would then transmit the water to my foot. The end result being wet feet.

Warm food was the order of the day, and after warming up slightly, a few of us played football on a slightly sodden pitch! 5 goals later and we headed to a church hall, which was booked in case of inclement weather (good thinking Mike),  where we shed our drenched articles of clothing and played games.

After a few hours, we made a brief visit to the Littlehampton Museum and then headed home.

Despite the weather, we enjoyed ourselves as people of all age groups mixed and enjoyed each other’s company. It was also good to mix with those who we didn’t know so well.

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