Fun fun fun

Went to Halfords this afternoon to get a new headlamp bulb for the car, as the previous one had ceased functioning (looked like the filament had gone). After finding the bulb section and scanning through them, I came across a bulb suitable for the car. I picked one up and looked at the price – £18.99(!) For a moment I thought I’d picked the wrong bulb, as it wasn’t one of those blue lights or anything but sure enough, when I took it to the till, the cashier confirmed the price. At least both headlamps are functioning properly again…

Spent the evening at the church for the final meeting of this year’s Holiday Bible Club – the family evening. I was amazed by how many children there were, accompanied by their parents, and the vast amount of excitement and enthusiasm which filled the air. Throughout the evening, the parents were told what their children had been up to over the past week, including what they had been taught from the Bible, what games they’d played and what crafts they’d taken part in. From my perspective of an outsider just there for the evening, it sounded like they had a very fun week and had learnt a lot at the same time. Well done to all who took part and helped out. Ah well, I stuck around afterwards to clear up and the church building now looks like the holiday club had never happened, with all the chairs back in formation for the Sunday service, all the bunting and banners packed away for another year and all the crumbs and crisp fragments swept up.

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