I’ve had a fairly productive day today! I awoke to a warm summer’s day with chores lined up ahead. I did my laundry, including the odd rug and bath mat, tidied the house, polished the furniture, cleaned the toilet and changed the inner tube on my bike all in one afternoon!

Afterwards, I headed down to Dave’s for a barbecue and Monopoly. I must confess to having a mild dislike for Monopoly, but the prospect of lots of meat products drew me in. Whilst we cooked and ate in the cool of the evening, Dave seemed confident he was going to win at Monopoly and so set himself up. The game started as usual, with everyone buying everything and anything, but as it progressed, it became evident that Dave was not going to win. Before we knew it, Susanna owned everything on the board and Dave was eating humble pie.

A good day. 🙂