I saw The Bourne Ultimatum, the latest of the Bourne series of films, this evening. I’d enjoyed the previous two films, and I’d also been tipped off about the plot when I read a pseudo-review of the film by David Wayne, so I entered the cinema with a small amount of expectation of this third film.

I exited the cinema with a grin. The film had lived up to my expectations.

The biblical themes of redemption were there, with a man trying to find his origins, who he really is, seeking to atone for his wrong-doing, finding both what he is and why he is, and ultimately being set free from what he is, to be restored to what he was and being set free from his former life.

The action moved along at a swift pace. The use of technology was mostly reasonable, as far as spy-films go, with only a few sillies in the use of technology marring the story (this was not Bond!) The effects were seamless, believable and superb. All the main characters were portrayed by actors who were not out of their depth, but who could add more to the film than the script alone would tell us.

Only one thought lingered in my mind.  Early on, a journalist from a well-known left-wing English broadsheet, panicked, thought he knew better and ended up dead. Was this a veiled comment about left-wing politics?

All in all, well-worth seeing, and if you enjoyed the first two then pretty much essential viewing!