Retail Therapy

I should probably not be allowed to wander the high street in my lunch break. (I’m sure Sarah, Becci and some of the other girls would find the following example of impulse purchasing amusing!) Somehow I managed to upgrade my mobile phone to a SonyEricsson Z600 and purchase a Pure DRX-701 DAB Digital Radio Tuner all within half an hour…The tuner does sound brilliant though, even through my crusty amplifier and speakers. Classic FM sounds very clear and hiss-free. Actually thinking about it, if it were the girls shopping, they would’ve taken forever.

Another snooker session against Robin this evening – 1 frame each. Not really getting any better…

Finally downloaded all four Fedora Core 2 CDROMs as well, so time to start installing it, whilst listening to my new digital radio. 🙂

PS: Anyone want to buy a Denon TU1500 AM/FM Tuner?

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  1. Pete Carrier says:

    Too late mate, had you bought this "Impulse buy" 18 months ago when you first started thinking and talking about it, I’d have been round like a shot.

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