Phew, the past couple of days have been rather busy! Spent yesterday evening at Nige’s, with a few others, watching Catch me if you can, with Tom Hanks which was actually quite good. Based on a true story, it told of a boy (Frank Abagnale Jr.) who managed to defraud the banks of millions of dollars, with the FBI, represented by Carl Hanratty (Hanks), in pursuit, and eventually catching him. Some of the things Abagnale managed to achieve were quite amazing!

Spent this evening ten-pin bowling with the usual suspects, although the outcome was far from usual! Usually Karen beats us all to a pulp with a relentless merciless campaign. Not sure what happened, but I came top of the pile. Ah well, glory in it while I can. 🙂

Of course all this excitement isn’t helping me to get back into the swing of work after my holidays! I’m still finding it difficult to concentrate. Roll on Autumn, at least I won’t be distracted by good weather for much longer.