Happy birthday mum!

Four of us bundled down to Bristol to celebrate my mum’s birthday which is soon. Despite adhering to the speed limit, we got there very swiftly as the traffic was very agreeable. We seemed to visit every Tesco supermarket we could, in search of various gifts and cards, and also visited some friends along the way. We finally met up with the rest of the family for a meal at the Chinese buffet place in Hengrove, and then convened at mum’s so she could open all her presents. We then bundled back along the M4 to London, in time to be able to get to the meeting at Feltham.

Jim Downie spoke on the importance of prayer, especially within the church. For God doesn’t expect non-believers to pray, but expects his people to be repentant of their sin, submissive to him, to humble themselves before him, praying persistently and fervently. A church which fails to pray does so at its peril!

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