Freely secure

Today was one of those funny days. It started off well, as I used my new shower in anger for the first time, and it performed superbly. The water was nice and hot, with plenty of pressure, turning my little bathroom into a mini sauna! I felt thoroughly clean and, after getting dressed I then set off for work, and the day took a weird turn.

I shut the front door behind me, pushed the door handle up, inserted the key, deadlocked the door and pulled the handle down to confirm the deadlocking… The handle span freely about its axis… This wasn’t good. I tried unlocking the door with the key, but the handle was required to retract the deadbolts! I was effectively locked out of my house, even though I had the key in my hand! After a little messing around with Allen keys and pliers, I decided to call a locksmith.

When I first moved in, I wasn’t entirely sure I had all the keys to the front door, so I searched around for a locksmith to change the lock. I found a little company called Try Security. It looked like a one man operation, but the one man was friendly, reasonably priced, and, more importantly, highly competent. With this in mind, I contacted Try Security again and, within an hour, my front door was open. He also fixed the badly-installed door handle so that I wouldn’t have a repeat occurrence! After all those shenanigans, work was rather dull!

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