As Christians, we should not be surprised the world opposes us. The whole basis of Christianity is completely different from the world and its religions. The world says humanity is good enough that our good works will make us acceptable with God, this is common to the major religions of the world, but Christianity says we cannot make ourselves acceptable to God and only the work of Jesus Christ can save us from the damnation due for our sins. As such, the world opposed Jesus Christ who came to save those who would put their faith in him, and consequently the world opposes those who put their faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ himself says that those who oppose him, ultimately oppose God the Father.
This is not to say Christians should behave in such a manner as to justly deserve opposition. We are not called to be eccentric, oddballs who seek to be persecuted by being annoying for the sake of being persecuted, but we will experience persecution if we live according to Christ. For we are called to teach the words of Christ, which the world will not accept.
Will you reject the words of Christ, along with the rest of the world, or will you listen to his words?

In his letter to the church at Ephesus, the apostle Paul, in 4:25-32, concentrates on the importance of real, open, truthful communication between Christians. Indeed, Satan always tries to sow division in the church through lack of communication and communcation which isn’t helpful. God, by his Spirit, enables us in tandem with our own spirit, to communicate properly with other Christians, so that the church might be edified. Whilst we should speak the truth, we should speak it in love. This can manifest itself in different ways, including the need to think carefully about what we say, to be helpful in our speech and to know when it is an appropriate time to speak. In addition, we should not think ill of others when we don’t know the full story, but should think the best of fellow Christians. Through all this, we will not grieve the Holy Spirit.