This was one of those rare occasions I drove into central London during the day. The Picadilly line between Acton Town and Hammersmith was out, so I abandoned any thought of public transport and went for the convenient option. I had my first taste of Kim Chee (김치) for lunch! Daniella was a little worried I wouldn’t like it, but I liked it. Being me, it seemed to taste of coleslaw mixed with chilli peppers. The day was spent chatting first over lunch, and then over tea in a coffee shop later. Before I knew it, the afternoon had gone and it was dark!

The evening was spent ten-pin bowling to celebrate Christine’s birthday, which I haven’t done in ages! It showed in the results, although I neither came near the top, nor the bottom, so it wasn’t so bad. The remainder of the evening was spent socialising at Sarah’s – mostly observing a game of Compatibility. I’m shattered!