A rather relaxing day to start with, mostly spent having breakfast, playing the piano, playing the violin, tidying the house, doing some food shopping and trying to fix the installation of Direct X on my Windows box. For some reason, after installing the latest ATi drivers using Windows update, any 3D graphics use doesn’t work any more. Despite a lot of fiddling, it still doesn’t work, but then, it’s mostly games which are affected and given that it’s the mad rush leading up to Christmas, it’s probably a good thing.

The evening was spent at Feltham Evangelical Church for a talk by Paul Garner of Biblical Creation Ministries. His main emphasis was on the correct exegesis of Genesis 1, using various statistical and lexical analysis. After lots of powerpoint, I must admit to being strongly persuaded by the young earth argument. Time will tell I guess.

I finished the day helping prepare some food for the tomorrow’s lunch at FEC.

I’m now exhausted, but happy. 🙂