Today was rather an interesting day. Went to James and Jasmine’s place with some of the usual suspects from Hounslow West Evangelical church, finding more of the usual suspects from Hayes Town Chapel at our destination. James had decreed a barbeque would be the order of the day and, by the time we got there mid-afternoon, had set up the equipment ready for lighting. After a little deliberation and messing with lighter gel, there was fire. Combustion in all its raw beauty and power. However, after the flames had died down, the garden furniture arranged and the first sausages had been placed on the barbeque for only a few minutes, the sky above began to look ominous. Moments later we found ourselves in a torrential downpour, quickly moving the large sunshade over the barbeque to keep the rain off! However despite the rain, the food was cooked and consumed with aplomb. More importantly, even though the weather wasn’t particularly clement, the fellowship in the house was particularly warm and a good time was had by all.

The day was rounded off with an evening around the Monopoly board at Sarah’s house. Alas, Sarah and Sam ganged up on me, and I was ousted fairly early on in the game. I think I may have to revise the conditions on which I play this game.