This week’s been a fairly good week! Monday’s football was interesting, a player or two were rather unfit, coupled with being the numerically smaller team meant we lost by a significant margin! Wednesday was spent down the snooker hall with Ed and Dave P – a 2-2-2 result in the end, with a really impressive long pot by myself where the cue ball launched into the air, hit the object ball from a height and the object ball went straight into the pocket. 🙂

Thursday’s bible study was on the 100th Psalm – Oh that the world would worship the Lord who is God.

Tonight was spent baking a cherry cake, and some of the young people came round for Perudo and then cake. 🙂 The cake itself was remarkably straight forward, with a recipe from Delia, and all the necessary ingredients and utensils to hand. There’s now a half-eaten cherry cake sitting on my kitchen counter and I’m quite pleased with myself. I forgot to put in the ground almonds, but no one seems to have noticed.