Get those old Amiga games working!

Do you own a game that you can't get to work on your superpowered turbocharged Amy? Hopefully this page will get that game working for you! If however you have some knowledge about getting awkward games to work on various flavours of Amiga or if you've got a game to work that isn't on this list then I be pleased to hear from you. The major contributors to this page so far can be found at the foot of this page.

Please select the initial letter of the game title you wish to get working:

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There are also links to patches and hard disk installers here. Even if a game is incompatible, don't lose hope. One of these links may well be able to modify the game to work.


*N - Not compatible :-(
*O - Use OCS emulation
*E - Use ECS emulation
*k - or use KillAGA to run from WB and HD
*A - AGA compatible
*C - Disable CPU Caches
*R - Use Relokick1.3 (or similar)
*D - Use Degrader (Select: halfmegchip nocache privileged noview)
*+ - Kill all background programs
*# - Kill blankers/clocks
*! - Hard Drive Compatible
*K - Requires keydisk to run from HD
** - No keyboard input

Where a game is marked as ReRelease, Coverdisk, <some compilation>, this means the game is NOT, repeat NOT, the original release version. Some rereleased games were debugged for A1200/A4000, thus the new version works whereas the original did not (e.g. Speedball 2).

Are you in need of one of the degraders above?

Note also that this list refers to compatibility with this system. A list of games which work on an 060 based system can be found here.

Compatibility with other Amiga systems cannot be guaranteed. Especially, certain games that do not work on an A4000 WILL work on an A1200, it is not necessarily the AGA hardware or 030/040 CPU that causes problems.....which is why we A4000 owners need programs like DTack. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

If you know of a way of getting any of the games above to work using less drastic measures than those mentioned, then please mail me or Chris at the addresses below, and I will amend.

Many thanks to all who have contributed so far, hopefully this list will include every game which has ever had problems running on a "non-standard" Amiga.

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