Get those old Amiga games working! - Space Spuds

This one was sent in by Ron Peterson and is rather involved, so I have posted the e-mail he sent me as it came (without modification):

Here's some info on how to get the game Space Spuds to run. This is a 3D game written for the Haitex X-Specs (LCD shutter glasses) that was distributed with an early development package as a demo. In it you fly through 3D space shooting down flying potatoes and pies with lasers and a cannon. First, it only runs under WB1.0 on an A1000. There can't be any memory expansion except the 256K chip RAM expansion (which is required.) If you have any external devices connected to the computer, disconnect them (especially an external floppy drive - the RAM it allocates will prevent Space Spuds from running.) Boot the computer with a minimal operating system - no clocks, virus killers, etc. Open one window and only one window. Run Space Spuds with the Haitex glasses plugged in. If it doesn't run, reboot, try upping the stack size slightly, and run again.

If you have any problems, Ron can be e-mailed at:


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