Raindrops keep falling on my head.

What a cool day. 🙂 Started off very early this morning for Alton Towers, with Ally, Dave and Mim, with the intention of getting there for 9:30am. Anyone who knows me will know this wasn’t quite achieved as intended, although we did get there by 10 o’clock and met up with the Salisbury lot and some bods from HTC.
Now I’d been to Alton Towers quite a few times in the past, yet I’d never been on the ‘Black Hole’, so it was quite fitting that the first ride we went on was the ‘Black Hole’. To be honest, I don’t think I had missed much in the past! However, as the day progressed, some of the rides left an impression on me. A cool ride was ‘Oblivion’, which isn’t much to look at – basically a vertical drop, but after taking a ride on it, I was impressed. Such a simple concept, yet very effective in getting the adrenalin going! The best ride though was ‘Air’. This ride wasn’t scary and didn’t try to chuck you around a lot, nor did it intend to get you wet. The background music for this ride was serene and the movements along its course were graceful and sweeping. What was great about this ride was that it gave quite a good idea of what it would be like to fly like Superman.
Of course, the quality of the rides wasn’t the only thing which progressed during the day. Slowly but surely, the rain clouds made their presence known. Starting off with occassional droplets just after lunch, through drizzle to full-scale raining by the end of the day.
Regardless of the weather, a very cool day. It was good to catch up with the Salisbury lot, with the added bonus of a chance to ride some of the latest attractions at Alton Towers

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