a.m.: John 16:25-33 p.m.: Ephesians 5:1-15

In this part of John 16, Jesus explains his Father to his disciples. From this dicourse we can learn something of the God the Father.
The Father can be known. If this were not the case, Jesus would not bother to explain the Father to his disciples. As such, the Father is approachable by us.
He has special love for those who believe in the Son. He provides and cares for them.
And he has purpose, to bring about the salvation of men through the work of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Everything that happens is ultimately under his control.

We should trust the Father and not in our own strength. If we trust in our own strength we will fail. We should put our faith in the Father, and not in our faith. For the Father sent his Son who has the power to “overcome the world”.
Can Jesus say of each of us “You believe at last!”?

This evening’s sermon was continuing on Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus. In chapter five, he talks about the light of the Gospel.

  1. This light enlightens. As human beings we are spiritually in the dark. We are unable to discern the things of God, we are blind to the truth. The Gospel opens our eyes to the truth and through it we can be brought to faith in the light of the world, Jesus Christ.
  2. This light exposes the spiritual darkness wherever it shines. Just as the dirt in a room becomes visible when light enters the room, when we become Christians, the light of the Gospel makes us become more aware of the darkness within us and around us.
  3. This light enlivens those who believe. The light of the sun grants life to plants and enables them to produce fruit. Similarly, the light of the world causes us to bear spiritual fruit.

Do we allow the light of the Gospel to work in our lives, or are we afraid of what the light might expose? Yet, whatever the light might expose, that same light is able to cleanse us of it and make us clean that we might be able to stand before the light of the world.

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