Back to routine

Well, I appear to be restored to full health as I wandered onto the football pitch this evening. Well, I say full health, as full as it was before my cold. Of course this meant my usual attempt to run around lasted around half the game, with the other half spent wheezing and wishing the game would finish soon! Not a bad result though, with the team I was on coming out ahead in the end. Although not sure I helped much there.
Saw the second episode of Monarchy, chronicling the reigns of Alfred the Great’s descendents up until the arrival of William of Normandy. I still find certain parts of history fascinating, especially the events which have helped to shape the world into what it is today. Things such as the agreement of King Ethelred in 1014 to rule by the consent of the nobility – the first vestiges of a parliament – rather than as a warlord.

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