From a distance

I had a magnificent vantage point as the plane I was on came into Heathrow this evening. One minute I was looking across the top of the cloud layer, with a brilliant clear view of the stars. Then, as we slowly descended, I could begin to see glimpses of the lights of London in the breaks in the cloud. Before long we had completely broken through the cloud layer and I had a clear view of the Thames and the whole of west London. I could see the outlines of streets marked out with streetlights, lights of individual cars as they went about their business like ants. I know it sounds cliché, but I’m amazed how everything is brought into perspective when viewed from a distance. The vast man-made structures of London appear so small and insignificant when viewed from cloud level, even the far-off suns in their vast array appear so small, and remind me of how vast the universe is and how small I am. Even more amazing that the creator of all I saw, and everything beyond, is interested in something as small and insignificant as me and loves me.

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  1. David Appleton says:

    flying back to london? i didnt even know you left. Now I know that when you reply to ‘got much planned in the week’ with ‘not really’ I know not to believe you…confusing :doze:

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