The Blogosphere

For a while now I’ve been reading other people’s blogs. Ever since I started my own blog, I’ve become interested in what other people, who I don’t know, blog about. Additionally, my blogging exploits have persuaded some of my friends to start their own blogs.
Recently I’ve been reading Jollyblogger. The author’s just started going through the five points of Calvinism which I find very interesting. It’s interesting how others approach the findings of the Synod of Dort and its relation to Scripture.
I’ve also been reading Allthings2all, initially struck by the author’s vibrant Christian life and experience, and recently been following her critique of post-modern thought. Well worth reading.
On a lighter note, a couple of the young people at my church, Ally and Dave, have their own blogs, with their eclectic mix of teenage angst and insight as they walk through life, maturing into adults with each step. It’s encouraging to see them growing in maturity, both temporally and spiritually. In addition to these blogs, Nigel has a half-blog which chronicles his life. (I say half-blog as it doesn’t have all the features you’d expect from a blog).
Finally my old mate Dave (not to be confused with Dave above) hasn’t updated his blog in ages, and I’ve stopped reading it. Update it Dave!
Of course, I don’t visit these pages manually, but use Bloglines (an RSS aggregator) to tell me when they’ve been updated, which allows me to read them only when there’s something new.

On a completely separate note, I’ve now installed Fedora Core 3 and so far – it’s brilliant! I must admit to being slightly disappointed when Core 2 was released as it had annoying bugs aplenty, whereas Core 3 has pleasantly surprised me with welcome features I didn’t expect. If you’ve ever considered having a look at Linux, this is a very good distribution to use. Highlights include Firefox, Gnome 2.8, a 2.6.9 kernel and

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