Lazy days

Been a nice quiet few days. Went to the church where I grew up on Sunday, although had to play the organ as their regular organist was away over the Christmas period. I guess the trouble with going to different churches is that you get to hear some things repeated sometimes. The sermon was on the visit of the Magi, illustrating the relevance of the Messiah to both Jew and Gentile, which I’d heard recently. Good to be reminded though.
The following days have been a mixture of shopping in the sales and catching up with old friends, interpersed with lots of games of bridge. Oh, saw Shaun of the Dead as well which was curious. I must admit, I miss playing bridge as not many people I know in London know how to play it. Went to a “pan-asian” restaurant called “Teoh’s” in Bedminster last night which was cool. They did a good beef rendang and the company was alright as well. 🙂 Only problem was we ended up chatting and playing bridge until the small hours at Marcus’ place. Didn’t get up very early this afternoon…ah well.
Throughout the past few days, I’ve been keeping track of the news reports on the earthquake/tsunami which hit parts of Asia and Africa on Sunday. I must admit to feeling humbled by the sheer power of nature, as well as a complete inability to comprehend the impact this event has had on every man, woman and child in its wake.

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