Hotel Rwanda

If you haven’t seen Hotel Rwanda, you must. Nothing I say can do this film justice. Set during the Rwandan civil war in the mid 1990’s, it tells the true story of a hotel manager in the capital city Kigali. It is an amazing film, yet a tragic retelling of the ability of human nature. It demonstrates the horrific acts which human nature is capable of, at all levels, as well as the incredible acts of kindness and heroism. I was struck by the humility of one of these heroes, Paul Rusesabagina, and his strength of faith. His ability to thank God for every day that he was given, despite the constant struggle to maintain the lives of those he loved dearly and those under his care, as well as witnessing the atrocities happening all around him. In the West, it can be so easy to forget about the world around us, even to think that such atrocities could never happen here. Even though the genocide in Rwanda happened only 11 years ago, we forget so easily. How easily we forget the horrors perpetrated in Europe only 60 years ago. I am glad I saw this film, yet deeply saddened by it. However, I trust we will never forget what has happened, and that we will learn from even our darkest moments. May I thank God for every day he has given me.

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