Spring cleaning

In Luke 5:1-11, we see Jesus interacting with Simon (also known as Peter).

Jesus is telling people the word of God, but because of the vast crowd, he has to get into the boat of Peter and go off shore so that he might be heard by everyone. Once he had finished telling the people the word of God, he approached Peter and asked him something unusual. What Peter was asked to do was in itself nothing unusual, as he was a fisherman, so putting out his net was usual. What was unusual was that this carpenter from Nazareth had told this professional fisherman to let down his nets. Peter pointed out he had caught nothing all night, after all, they were more likely to catch something during the night when it was quiet than during the day. Yet, Peter respects his Master, so does what he says.

From Peter’s reaction to the events that follow, it would seem that whilst Peter respected Jesus, he had little idea of who he was. On seeing the huge haul of fish, Peter realised this carpenter is more than what he appears to be. All of a sudden, Peter realises this carpenter has great insight, and the power to control nature. Whereas he refers to Jesus as Master prior to the event, he now refers to him as Lord. This acknowledgement of deity is taken further as Peter becomes aware of his sinfulness in the presence of God’s holiness.

In his love, Jesus does not condemn them, but comforts them and tells them they will catch men. At this, the new found faith of Peter, and some of his fellow fishermen, in Jesus the God-man, causes them to drop everything and follow Jesus.

Have we discovered who Jesus is? Have we discovered how sinful we are? Will we do his will?

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