Standing and staring

Instead of writing about my antics today, I thought I’d have a look around my blog roll and comment on what’s been happening – if anything, I’ve noticed some haven’t changed in the past fortnight, so I’ll ignore those.

From the top:
Reading Alison’s day to day happenings is almost akin to trying to pin down the wind. She is always doing something, and her record of it is like a fast rushing wind. Saying that, at least she managed to take time out see Hotel Rwanda with us. An intelligent thinking young lady.

Luke has been singing the praises of PHP over C#. Although to be honest, I’m not convinced C# is any good anyway, so not much convincing needed here. Maybe I’m just too sceptical of Microsoft and their whole .net plan?

Catez has managed to cover the Terri Schiavo case in the States, as well as run a Christianity and Science showcase and make a substantial critique of the Living Church of God within the past few days! The showcase has produced some good articles by fellow bloggers, demonstrating that science and Christianity are both reasonable, yet both have an element of faith. I remember reading an article on the Worldwide Church of God and its reconciliation with orthodoxy, but never realised the Living Church of God, which is currently in the news, was a cultic offshoot. Above all, Terri Schiavo’s life hangs on the decisions of others, when it shouldn’t be up for debate at all. There are very few legitimate cases for killing someone, and this isn’t one of them.

Being a Calvinist, I find the blogging of this Lutheran interesting, and in many areas very similar to what I understand of the bible. Being a former Anglican, he also has an interesting insight into the current tussle between non-biblical and biblical factions of Anglicanism. It does seem odd to me that the North American Anglicans, who number just under 3 million can cause such a rift within a group of over 50 million, the majority of whom are biblical. However, I’m not an Anglican, so what would I know?

Dave writes on how we might engage the pluralistic society we live in with the Gospel of Christ. Not that we would shrink away into a Christian ghetto, but that by the power of God we might change our society for God.

It’s encouraging to see young minds developing, sharing their thoughts with the world. All too often, we can just rely on the media to supply us with information without thinking about it, so it’s good to start thinking at an early age.

Gervase (unusual name!) is a geek through and through and proud of it. As such, I find his musings on Mozilla/Firefox, time and motion studies and all manner of geek things to be most interesting.

Dean treads the fine line of constructive criticism of church web sites. Personally, I find his criticism very useful and have implemented some of his suggestions at the HWEC web site. However, he seems to be getting some flak for his advice. Ah well, can’t please everyone all of the time.

David (there are a lot of ‘Dave’s about!) blogs on all manner of things. I find his posts on the internet (especially blogging) in the hands of a Christian interesting and helpful. He certainly seems to have his finger on the pulse and many Christians who use the internet would be well advised to read this blog and find out how they may use it effectively for the glory of God.

Finally J Richards is a Christian who blogs about almost anything which he considers worth blogging. As such, he is a good yardstick to which I can compare my own blogging habits. Sometimes I find it hard to know when I’m being really dull and boring, so by seeing what I find interesting to read on other blogs, I might have some insight into what other people find interesting in my blog – if anything. šŸ™‚

So there you go, a short run-down of my blog roll.

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