The scale of G major, two octaves!

After a fortnight hiatus, I had another violin lesson yesterday. Fortunately, I had managed some practice in the two weeks, so I was challenged to work out the scale of G major, which after a bit of thought – mostly to work out where C was – I managed to play, spanning two octaves and all four strings. Very cool!
I then had a go at playing Auld Lang Syne and the theme from Dvorak’s Largo from Symphony no. 9 (The New World), which both required the use of all four fingers on the D and E strings. I must say, this hand coordination is quite tricky – a bit of practice required I think!
Things appear to be progressing nicely though, as I have completed my first tuition book, and have been told to go and find some grade II level pieces as well as obtain the ABRSM scales and arppegio book for grades I-V.
Not sure I’ll be trying any Paganini for a while though!

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