Gift of God

This evening’s mid-week meeting was slightly different, as a representative from the Dorothea Mission visited us. He shared with us the great work God is doing in southern Africa. It was amazing to see, through the speaker’s words and photographs, how the Gospel is allowed to be openly shared, by Africans, with the receptive people from these countries. That many people will stop and listen, in comparison to Europe where people don’t even stop, let alone listen. It is not just the spoken Gospel which is shared, but the Gospel in practice, with the provision of free schools and other basic facilities. Yet, in comparison to Europe, while these people have very little money, they are spiritually rich. In some they even suffer political injustice, and from diseases long eradicated in Europe. Despite all these things, the Gospel is spreading and the kingdom of God is growing. The same Gospel which has been rejected by so many in Europe is being embraced by so many in Africa, even though everyone the whole world over needs it. Maybe one day, it’ll be Africa which sends missionaries to Europe?

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