Jars of clay

Well, that’s two days in a row I’ve been in hospital, not for myself in one case I might hasten to add. That, and the media coverage of the late Mr Whiteley, has reminded me that we are, in all truth, quite frail and fragile.

We wander around, in our daily lives, mostly thinking we’re invincible, that we can’t be damaged or, ultimately lose our life. We carry out our lives without giving death a second though, without stopping to to consider our mortality and finitude.

I guess this is God’s way of reminding what and who I am.

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  1. David Legg says:

    The invincibility of youth wears off somewhere between the ages of 16 and 30, if you’re still alive, that is. It can only be a healthy thing to realise that you’re not as healthy as you thought! 🙂

    Also, if you can get piles sitting at home in front of a PC, just think what awsome diseases are available in Kenya!

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