Well, I’ve been away from the blog for a while, just over a fortnight I think. This seems to be happening a lot recently! Anyway, for the curious, I’ve been in Kenya with some friends. If you’re interested in finding out what I got up to, have a look at the travelblog.

In brief, we went primarily to help out at a secondary school in Nyahururu, run by The Kisima Pastoralists’ Centre. This gave us a chance to see first hand what life is like for a schoolchild in Kenya, as well as to see their homes and families in Northern Kenya. The reports of recent bandit attacks in the north was made slightly more real as a the primary school involved is a feeder school.

We also got to do the usual tourist activities in Kenya, including a short safari in the Maasai Mara game reserve, taking lots of pictures of magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

It was also slightly unreal to watch the attacks in London reported as foreign news. I’m not sure it has entirely sunk in yet, as I’m still getting up to speed on what’s been happening. However, all those involved are in my prayers.

I think the past fortnight has taught me a lot of things, not least how blessed we are in Europe to materially have so much. To sit in a mud hut in northern Kenya and to see how few possessions these people have, even food and water, is something, whilst still being happy. Yet, there is also the reminder of how similar we are as human beings, how precarious our lives are and that we are all under God.

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