A not quite so reluctant partner

After a two week hiatus, this evening involved a little running around a football pitch. Despite the lull, I managed to run around the pitch for the whole hour, have a few shots at goal and even get one in the net.

After that, I headed round Sarah’s, picking up Barnaby along the way, for dinner and bridge. This time I was to be partnered with Barnaby. Although he had never played bridge before, he was very enthusiastic, although the large number of rules and conventions required for bridge took a while to sink in. Despite a few, I guess inevitable, beginner’s blunders, he was getting the hang of it and we eventually won two games in a row, claiming rubber. A good evening. 🙂

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3 Responses to A not quite so reluctant partner

  1. Dave says:

    did you get a rubber plant prize or something…claiming rubber :confused:

  2. Sarah says:

    My mum was particularly amused by the "do that and I’ll slap you" comments that passed between Gerald and Barnaby 🙂

  3. gerald says:

    You might see something similar next time I see Dave! 😎

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