Games with the penguin

After a slight misjudgement on Sunday, I ended up carting my Windows box to church to play a DVD. This left me using my Linux box at home as I couldn’t be bothered to plumb my Windows box back in. For practical things such as reading email and browsing the web, this was fine as I used it for that anyway. However, my Linux box was missing a DVD player and any large scale games. Instead of plugging the Windows box back in, I decided I would remedy the shortcomings of my Linux installation. A little rummaging around resulted in Ogle and a Linux binary for Quake III. Fortunately RPM made Ogle installation a piece of cake, and before I knew it I was watching Goodbye Lenin on DVD on my Linux box – at a nice smooth and regular 25fps! This did, however, delay the installation of Quake III though! When I finally got round to it, this was also very easy as id had made the installation really easy – now all I have to do is update punkbuster, or I’ll be doomed to just spectate games on the internet!

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